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I Young Citizen in Europe is a participatory project coordinated by Controvento in 2013-2014 with the support of the EU Youth in Action Programme - Action 4.6 Partnerships - and three local authorities.
For one year, 365 young people collaborated with each other to drow up proposals addressed to local institutions to make their cities more sustainable. During the process, technicians and administrators from the municipalities of Forlì, Cesena and Rimini were involved and collaborated with young participants. Researchers from the Department of Psychology of the University of Bologna monitored the process and evaluated its impact in terms of empowerment and youth civic participation.

Règles du jeu

The objective of the project was to create a room to allow young people to think together, build proposals and dialogue with institutions with the aim to promote social, economic, political and environmental sustainability in the background of the main European crisis.

For the duration of thirteen months, three National Youth Initiatives were organised separately in the cities of Cesena, Forlì and Rimini involving overall 365 young people and a considerable number of youth workers.

At the end of the process, three final and separate events were organized in each city: the young inhabitants of Cesena, Forlì and Rimini presented their proposals to their respective local government and to university, chamber of commerce, innovation centres, mobility agencies, large-scale retailers, associations and citizens.

In Cesena, young participants elaborated one proposal to facilitate youth professional training and generational professional turnover and five proposals to promote citizens’ civil and political participation. Their proposals contributed to build the Town Structural Plan. In Forlì, young participants elaborated nineteen proposals to reduce CO2 emissions and contributed to implement the Covenant of Mayors locally. In Rimini, young participants elaborated the Town Bike Plan, the associated Communication Plan and three projects of new sustainable mobility jobs. They also contributed to implement the Town Strategic Plan.

Locally, four communication events were organised before the beginning of the project and four dissemination events were organised after the end of the project. During all the steps of the project press releases were emitted and articles appeared on the local daily newspapers and on the institutional websites of the Emilia Romagna Region and of the three City Hall involved.

In August 2013, the project’s results were also shared at European level in Toulouse during EUROPIE, the Festi-Forum of European Youth.

One of the youth proposals, elaborated during the National Youth Initiative in Cesena, constituted the frame of the successive European project “I Young Ciitizen in Europe 2".

This project has answered to a deep need to experiment new forms of dialogue and collaboration between civil and political society and, at the same time, to improve citizens’ - and especially youth - skills and commitment. For these reasons, this project was very well welcomed by the local communities and the young inhabitants.