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The project “I Young Citizen in Europe 2”, coordinated by Controvento, had the aim to trace the map of training needs of youth and build a network of competences oriented to offer young people keys to understand the new political, social and economic configuration and be more proactive.

Règles du jeu

In the space of 15 months, a survey was realised to know the training needs of the local youth, a network of competences was created involving local and Euro-Mediterranean intellectual resources and three National Youth Initiatives were organised involving 252 young people in the cities of Forlì, Cesena and Bagno di Romagna.

The activities promoted cohesion and collaboration between young participants and experts, favoured reflection on citizens’ rights in EU, supported youth civic participation and allowed the drafting of 20 proposals to promote economical development and new forms of collaboration between public administration and civil society.

The project and its results were disseminated on the occasion of meetings and exhibitions addressed to public administration, institutions and citizens and through press release and a blog especially devoted.


On the base of the positive impact of the previous experience (project “I Young Citizen in Europe” funded by the Programme Youth in Action - Action 4.6), more young people than expected asked to particIpate in the project.  Instead of 60 young people, we welcomed 253 participants: 110 in Cesena, 116 in Forlì and 27 in Bagno di Romagna, where we met the local youth for the first time.

Originally, the project had the aim to address especially the issue of youth professional training, but the survey performed at the beginning demonstrated that the training needs perceived by young people are more complex and we decided to enlarge the spectrum of training provision.